Gator Chassis
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It's been a long winter and as early as we started on the car its not ready for the first(edit - third) race at  Irwindale Speedway .The economy has bitten both of us and our side jobs that normally help out the racing program are being used to pay bills. We've built three stock cars and two mini dwarfs, four racing engines, one rear clip and 2 rearends. since the chassis was painted. Paying jobs come first. Plans are to race the July show. Checkout the F8 page for some pics.
Our #1 Fan!!
We want to thank D'Angelos Paint for the color, the crowd loved  it!
"Killer" Keith Heaslet
Dave " the candyman" Bauer
Bear Mountain Auto Repair
Bakersfield's discount auto repair center
Superior Plumbing 661-201-7890
Low cost - Quality service
Everyone loves the green bill board car!
Considering the lack of experience with asphalt setups, and the turning both directions in a outlaw figure 8 car, the aero package we started with and a  oil control problem, we has a good time. Splitting the driving and starting late in the season also slowed the learning curve.
As we raced the car problems identified themselves and it feels good to start correcting them. Check out the Outlaw F8 page for the work in progress. We will spend more time on the fundamentals of  car handling, then bring in the aero.